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What is Decopatch?

~Decopatch paper is easily applied to any kind of surface (flat or uneven).

~Decopatch is the only paper which produces a smooth texture and a real paint effect.

~Decopatch paper is deep-dyed and glazed. It will not break apart when glued, and the colours will never fade or run.

~Because it is a very thin , but strong and flexible paper, Decopatch is especially easy to use.

Getting Started

~Decopatch Paper

~Paperpatch Glossy Glue

~Decopatch Hog Bristle

~Brush Aquapro professional varnish (optional)

~Cup of water (to clean brush)

~Scissors (optional)

Table Lamp

Inspirational Ideas

Click on the small box above to view all the inspirational ideas of ways to use the decopatch papers on products.

You can also be featured here, if you would like to send in a picture of the products you have decorated.

Happy Decoupatching!